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How to Love YourSelf and be Self – Confident with these 10 easy quick tips?!

I am thrilled to start my blog talking about my favorite topic that I wish everyone especially Women and moms in particular would hear loud and apply right away …

If you focus on your faults and insecurities instead of the good things about YourSelf​ that you are happy with and if you keep too busy focusing only on the people around you and forget to take good care of ​YourSelf​, this will cause you to dislike ​YourSelf​ more.

It is time to step forward, think twice and learn how to be comfortable with your own self. Keep reading with us to know some easy to apply tips on how to love ​YourSelf​ and be confident.

Why is it so crucial to love ​YourSelf​?

Loving ​YourSelf​ provides you with ​Self-Confidence ​and ​Self-Worth​ and it helps you feel more positive and fulfilled. Can you imagine that it makes it easier for you to fall in true love once you love ​YourSelf​ first?!

Self-Confidence​ is acquired and developed through our life journey, we are not born with it.

How do you acquire that self-confidence in order to be able to love and accept YourSelf​ more?

  • Believethatitisyourrighttolivehappilyandsuccessful.
    ● Believeyourownbeliefs,principlesandvalues.
    ● Respectyourownwayofthinkingandappreciateyourhardwork
  • Havecleartargetsandwell-planned goals.
    ● Liveinthepresent,notthepast.
    ● Donotfeartakingresponsibility.
    ● Donotfearthefuture yetworkforit.
    ● Educate​YourSelf​andlearntosearchforanswers.
    ● Takegoodcareofyourappearanceandlook.

Now, are you ready to learn easy tips to love ​YourSelf​and be ​Confident​? Some of these tips might seem scary for you in the beginning, but once you

decide to apply them, you will never be able to live without them again…
1. Faceyourproblems,admitthemandbebravetosolvethem.

Running away from our mistakes never leaves us happier. Contrarily, it enlarges the problem and make it more complicated. The best solution is to face and solve them right away as there is no problem in the world with no solution.

2. Practice gratitude and be thankful for the little things in your life before the big ones.

Feeling thankful and content is the most noble level of living in full comfort and satisfaction.
Believing and thanking God makes you feel relieved, humble and tolerant.

3. Accept your mistakes and forgive ​YourSelf​.

Accepting ​YourSelf​is your key master to build self-confidence. If you do not accept ​YourSelf​at first, no one is going to accept you.

4. Stop complaining.

Lots of complaints and negative opinions deprives you from true happiness and enjoyment.

5. Change your negative thoughts to a new positive mindset.

Believe that you can change those negative thoughts to better ones once you quit saying ‘’ Only if ‘’

You must be convinced that no one is going to change you until you initiate it YourSelf​.

6. Bear responsibility.

Break your fear and step forward with new courage and determination. Always remember that if someone else has done it, I can do it.

7. Surround​YourSelf​withpositiveandhappypeople

Find people who care for your success, who lift you up instead of breaking you down and who make your time with them happy and fulfilled.

8. Read more books to learn more things and places.

A book is your most loyal friend when it comes to building self-confidence and trust. Through books you travel the world and get to see new places, you learn new concepts and thoughts, you fly without wings and explore more and more without the interference of any humans.

9. List your accomplishments and celebrate them.

It is much needed to remind ​YourSelf​that you once have done it so you can do it again. This is your best weapon in the times of slowing down or feeling lost and weak.

10. Pursue new interests and hobbies.

You have no idea what you like until you try it ​YourSelf​. T​ry new hobbies and interests to boost your energy and happiness buds and get to know what suits you the best.

Hope you find this useful and easy to start applying…

All Happiness,

Rima Dawood

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