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The power of Love > To Love and Be Loved <

In psychology and self-development studies, we learn that Love is the strongest antidepressant – the less Love you have, the more depressed you will likely be…

For Mind and Body, Love is as important as the Oxygen. It does help us get better when we feel better. Feeling loved is a great feeling that improves our mental health and makes us have a complete happy state of mind.

Plant Love and you will harvest affection and healthy mind & soul for life. Life is not worth living without feeling Love and being Loved. It grows by practice, giving and respect one’s own self.

Yes, Love is one of life’s skills. It never comes without learning or practicing it.

Now what makes a relationship between two lovers succeed?

A relation between two different people is like building a room, it takes specific measurements of equal components to rise it and so is Love.

You need to fully understand that any two people have what we call core differences between them which doesn’t mean anyone is better or worse than the other, rather it should identify and discuss them in order to bring that relationship to a one common ground that fits both.

Read below some of my favorite points for a successful Love relationship:
  • Respect: it is the most important factor in a relationship
  • Discuss: your topics openly, mostly the critical and painful ones.
  • You are two DIFFERENT individuals:give up a thing or a temper sometimes for the sake of Love
  • Fighting: criticize the behavior not the partner’s character
  • Forgive: solve your misunderstandings or problems right away.
  • The little things do matter and build more bonds:say ‘’ I love you, thank you, I miss you, etc.” They ease the dark days when life gets harder.
  • Lay out relationship rules: sit with your partner and divide responsibilities as per each one’s work frame and capacities.

Think high of yourself and give each other a space.

I would end this by summing it all up in sweet wisdom words:


Life challenges us. Decades roll on. We grow older and you might wake up one day seeing another person next to you, do not panic, embrace all those changes and remember to fall in love with that stranger in a totally new way. And once you have kids, remember the love that produced them and keep it stronger to feed it to them…

I, from the bottom of my heart, wish you all the love and happiness! 

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